Listening Party – Songs of Experience (U2)

From innocence comes experience. Such a simple statement, and as a lifelong U2 fan I have to admit I was a little worried about what the boys from Dublin had ...

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Just Got Bigger

And now for something a little different (SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War). Forget this web head… Captain America: Civil War included another blockbuster cameo ...

Other Things Kanye Likes

The new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has begun, and while there’s been plenty of highlights, one of my favorites was Ye’s confession that he likes robots. What ...

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The Voice (Wii U) Track List

Activision silently shipped a new Karaoke game for the Wii U (and for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and original Wii) based on the hit television show The Voice. We’ll have a full review this weekend, but figured we’d be the first web site to post the track listing for all you karaoke jocks that […]

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Elvis Death Day – Elvis with a Kung Fu Grip

Elvis wasn’t only the king of rock of roll, he was a karate master.  Multiple times he boasted his 8th degree black belt status and here is the video proof of his awesome-ness. Hi-ya!

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Elvis Death Day – Elvis, Federal Agent

Elvis has a obsession with police badges. This uncontrollable urge to lay down the law lead to perhaps the most famous Elvis photo of all time – his meeting with President Nixon. One of my favorite details of this meeting is the actual letter Elvis mailed to President Nixon requesting to become an agent at […]

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Elvis Death Day – Scatters the Monkey

Michael Jackson wasn’t the first pop star to own a banana eating best friend.  Elvis pioneered monkeying around with his pet Scatters the chimpanzee. Elvis lovingly nicknamed Scatters a “coconut headed mother f#$ker” for his partying ways… stories of Scatters surprising people in the bathroom, going crazy and even lifting up girl’s skirts are littered […]

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Elvis Death Day – Elvis Hated The Beatles

Another random Elvis Death Day fact – Elvis hated The Beatles. The reason why? According to White House documents, Elvis went on record stating it was The Beatle’s anit-American attitude that turned the King sour on the fab four. During Elvis’s meeting with President Nixon he stated multiple times that he wanted to help the […]

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Elvis Death Day – Elvis Rants on Stage

In his final days, Elvis was notorious for ranting on stage about random topics.  Ladies and gentlemen, this may be the best one ever put on tape… to quote The King “It will fascinate you” He first starts out doing a goofy Fat Albert impression, talks about getting a girl pregnant with a camera, then […]

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Elvis Death Day – The King’s Shopping List

Elvis Aaron Presley was famous for many things: an amazing live performer, a lively actor, a generous friend… but perhaps Elvis’s greatest accomplishment was that fact he had almost a super human ability to eat large amounts of food in single sittings. Elvis’s favorite snack?  Surprise, it wasn’t a peanut butter and banana sandwich… it […]

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Elvis Death Day – The TCB Oath

Merry Elvis Death Day!  Today, 40 years ago, we lost perhaps the greatest performer of all time… and he was darn goofy too!  We here at Pixelation Saturation fly our Elvis flag high and plan on updating all day today with random Elvis facts/stories that are sure to tickle that funny bone. First up?  The […]

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The Naughty List – Star Wars Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the naughty list – a collection of random pictures or jokes from around the net that gets our hearts racing and our funny bones… boning? This week’s edition is a cornucopia of lines taken from the original Star Wars trilogy. Enjoy the naughty, and comment with a few of […]

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14 Awesome R2D2 Swimsuit Pics

A Pixelation Saturation pictorial salute to chicks in R2 swimsuits.

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