The Marvel Cinematic Universe Just Got Bigger

And now for something a little different (SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War). Forget this web head… Captain America: Civil War included another blockbuster cameo ...


There’s been an Awaking…

Can you feel it?    WB Interactive announced this morning that Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be coming soon to basically every console in the universe (PC, PS4, ...


Other Things Kanye Likes

The new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has begun, and while there’s been plenty of highlights, one of my favorites was Ye’s confession that he likes robots. What ...

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The Best Star Wars Costumes EVER

I’m throwing a Star Wars themed birthday jam this year, and I have had quite a few friends hit me up because they are stumped on costume ideas. Instead of just sending back a cold “try eBay or sumthin” I’ve decided to write up this kick ass guide to some cheap, amazing intergalactic space duds […]

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mario party 10 boxart nintendo blast 3

Pre-Order Your Mario Party 10 Amiibos Now! has posted their pre-order page for the Mario Party 10 Amiibos so act quick before they’re all gone! It has been confirmed that Mario Party 10 will use Amiibos. In the January 14th Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that certain amiibo can be used in a new mode – Amiibo Party Mode. The following Amiibo can […]

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The Little Vagabond

A William Blake classic from Songs of Experience: “Dear mother, dear mother, the Church is cold; But the Alehouse is healthy, and pleasant, and warm. Besides, I can tell where I am used well; Such usage in heaven will never do well. But, if at the Church they would give us some ale, And a […]

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Self Portrait JAN 2015

Muted Saturation: A Self Portrait

Earlier today I said I’d be posting some random art, and since the mood hit me, here’s a self portrait: It was done with acrylics in my sketch book. Still working on my “look” behind my art but I like to call it… wait for it… Muted Saturation.

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2Night Only: U2 Minus 1 Plus 2

Friends have stepped in to save U2’s surprise World AIDS Day (RED) performance which was jeopardised by Bono’s November 16 bike accident in Central Park. Kanye West and Carrie Underwood will perform at the event – tonight at 7.30pm – and Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen will join U2 Minus 1, as the singer remains […]

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Songs of Innocence = Album of the Year

U2’s Songs of Innocence is the top album of 2014, according to Rolling Stone. The album tops the magazine’s just-published list of the 50 best albums of the year. Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Lana Del Rey and The Black Keys are also in the top ten. The short write-up explaining SOI’s position includes this: This […]

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The Voice (Wii U) Track List

Activision silently shipped a new Karaoke game for the Wii U (and for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and original Wii) based on the hit television show The Voice. We’ll have a full review this weekend, but figured we’d be the first web site to post the track listing for all you karaoke jocks that […]

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Elvis Death Day – Elvis with a Kung Fu Grip

Elvis wasn’t only the king of rock of roll, he was a karate master.  Multiple times he boasted his 8th degree black belt status and here is the video proof of his awesome-ness. Hi-ya!

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Elvis Death Day – Elvis, Federal Agent

Elvis has a obsession with police badges. This uncontrollable urge to lay down the law lead to perhaps the most famous Elvis photo of all time – his meeting with President Nixon. One of my favorite details of this meeting is the actual letter Elvis mailed to President Nixon requesting to become an agent at […]

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Monkey Elvis

Elvis Death Day – Scatters the Monkey

Michael Jackson wasn’t the first pop star to own a banana eating best friend.  Elvis pioneered monkeying around with his pet Scatters the chimpanzee. Elvis lovingly nicknamed Scatters a “coconut headed mother f#$ker” for his partying ways… stories of Scatters surprising people in the bathroom, going crazy and even lifting up girl’s skirts are littered […]

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